Summer lovin'

As those freezing winds start to loosen their grip on the country, and that big glowing ball makes some more frequent appearances in the sky, we can't help but feel that spring could be just around the corner. And our suspicions have been confirmed by the arrival of H&M's brand new spring/summer campaign.

The highstreet brand has launched its 70s-inspired Spring Awakening collection, modelled by none other than gorgeous brazilian supermodel Gisele. Just looking at the photos conjures distant memories of warm breezes and lazy days lying by a pool, sometime circa 1975. Wide legged trousers, floaty tops, a gorgeous flared jumpsuit and strappy sandals have us salivating already.

Gisele is usually found gracing the posters of more luxurious brands than H&M - she is currently the star of Balenciaga's campaign - so it's a big coup for the highstreet. But then, H&M is doing a very good job at punching above its weight, and managing to pull it off (see the recent Lanvin collaboration for example).

Now the sun's shining and it's almost the weekend, we're totally feeling the chilled out summer vibe. Better put some Fleetwood Mac on the iPod and go find our nearest H&M to bag ourselves some of that boho style. Peace out, man.

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