Practical summer fashion tips to consider

Summer is a time for everyone to enjoy - from lazing on the beach and sunbathing to sipping cool drinks on a terrace and organising a cookout. Looking fashionable and cool during the period is not hard to achieve using these few handy summer fashion tips for a stunning and natural appearance.


Here are some summer fashion tips to keep you cool all throughout the season:

1. Keep these essential clothes on hand

  • shorts

Summer means wearing less and showing more. Stick to cotton shorts that will keep you fresh by going for mixed fabrics such as cotton and linen.

  • t-shirts

T-shirts can be very fashionable when worn properly and with the right design. A print shirt with a unique design is eye-catching. Slogan t-shirts are also fun because they express feelings and sentiments for the season.

  • capris

Without looking overdressed, capris are the compromise between shorts and a full length trousers. Light colours are the best to give you that summery feeling.

  • linen trousers and frocks

Dressing in loose-fitting trousers and frocks made from linen or cotton is trendy. You can wear them everywhere from the boardroom and the conference hall to the local pub and the restaurant.

  • light jacket or cardigan

Prepare for the unexpected by bringing a light jacket or cardigan with you for those chilly evenings or a change in weather.

2. Wear minimum makeup

Go au naturel - but if you don't quite dare to, nude shades of lipstick look alluring.

3. Jewellery for a glamorous look

Bangles and hoop earrings make a striking combination.

4. Handbags that make a statement

Summer is all natural and this goes for those canvas and jute bags in neutral colours that should be seen and admired.

5. Sandals, wedges, and flip-flops to stay upbeat

For those beach vacations you are planning, stylish sandals and flip-flops are the way to go. Those who have to work can choose open, close, or peep toe sandals for a less informal look.

6. Don on sunglasses and a hat

Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun by putting on sunglasses. They are trendy accessories that won't go out of style. A classic, wide-brimmed hat helps prevent a headache while staying fashionable at the same time.

Final word

These summer fashion tips are suggestions to keep a fashionable style during the season with comfortable, functional and trendy clothes. Wearing light colours and loose-fitting clothes makes you feel at ease in summertime when the sun is out. Accessories also complete the smart look without appearing over or under dressed while layering is still an option for those unpredictable turns of the weather.

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