Summer 2014: three must have accessories for ladies

If you really want to stay ahead and look truly stylish, you need to grab yourself one of the must have accessories for this summer 2014, so make some room in your new wardrobe for:

The structured bag

Just like the ones seen swinging their way down the catwalk of Dior, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, a strong structured bag with top handles is the most practical and trendy touch you can add to any look for spring summer 2014. Of course if you are already like this style of bags, this is the year to really show them off. Or treat yourself to one: it is sure to go a long way and make you look perfectly trendy. Make sure you get the right model and colour for you, and wear it as much as you can, with casual or couture, day and night. Unless, of course, you prefer...

The mini bag

Yes, 2014 is the year when the new trend of small, super handy bags started to emerge. The great thing about these bags, apart from looking simply awesome, is that they help you to scale down on what you take out with you. You will be pleasantly forced to decide what you really need and what is surplus. You will probably notice that most of the things you used to staff in your tote is actually surplus, and feel much much better without them. Great for zen practice, these liberating accessories will really help you get to the next level. Seen on the runaway for Hermes, Vionnet and Chanel, just to name a few.

PHOTO GALLERY Summer 2014 must have accessories

The elongated necklace

No more chokers but longer pendants and necklaces will be a big hit this summer. When simple and low key these will be great to wear in piles of layers, and the gorgeous statement neckless will transform even the jeans-and-tee look into a regal outfit. We loved the selection on Matthew Williamson runaway last London Fashion Week, and Saint Lauren also highlighted elongated necklace in the latest collection.


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