Men's Suits for Less than 100 Pounds

Although it's worth buying at least one expensive suit for functions and ocassions, buying suits for less than 100 pounds may be a viable option if you need to wear a suit on a daily basis for work, or you're sticking to a strict budget. Most retailers do provide suits for less than 100 pound, and you can still look just as good if you pick the right fit.


Slaters.co.uk offer a range of luxury brand suits and budget suits. Often they have a sale on with most suits available for less than 100 pounds, so you could bag yourself a bargain. If you're looking to make even more savings on an expensive suit, look online for clothing during the January sales, where prices can be slashed at up to 70% at most stores.


Next.co.uk provide daily professional wear for men and women. Their prices are usually affordable, but still made with excellent materials. You can also look for suits in their stores, which are usually found in most town centres, to make sure you can find the best fit. If you're shopping online Next Day Delivery is available to your home or the nearest store.

TK Maxx

If you're on a super tight budget but want to make impressive savings, TK Maxx is the store to go to. You can shop online at TK Maxx.com, but most stores will have different ranges available from their online store. TK Maxx purchases product lines from other providers at cheaper prices (normally end of the line stocks) so it could be harder to find a great suit in the right size, but if you're do you're likely to save 50% or more. Because TK Maxx purchases clothes from brands, you're also likely to find cheap brand name suits at a significantly reduced cost.

Style Buying and Fit

When you're buying suits for less than 100 pounds you're not going to be able to choose from a vast range of fits, colours, like you would if you went to a luxury, up-market suit specialist. To make sure your suit still looks great at a reduced price, take note of some common suit buying tips to make sure you're squeezing the most out of your purchase. An ill-fitting suit of any brand is sure to look worse than a well researched budget suit.

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