Suits colour combination: a fashion guide

Whether you wear suits everyday or for specific occasions, it's good to know you are getting the right colour combination for your favourite nuances. In this short guide we will take a look at some of the best and most popular suits colour combination for a classic look with taste.

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One of the most popular colour choice for men's suits is blue. Blue suits can be worn frequently and for many occasions, as they give a very professional look fit for job interviews and work but also weddings and formal events. Let's see how to match colour with a blue suit.

For the shirt, best choices are white and light blue- after this main choice, the colours of tie and shoes will come accordingly. For instance, with a white shirt under a blue suit you can easily match ties of any colour, while for a light blue shirt we suggest a yellow or gold, red or burgundy, or navy tie.

To smarten up the look even more, choose camel or oxblood colour shoes, with black also offering a great alternative. Also consider that shoes and belt don’t have to be the exact same colour, rather you can mix similar shades.

Grey is another popular choice for suits: probably the most flexible of classic suit colours, grey can be easily matched with every nuance, so it's the perfect chance if you want to get creative and add an individual touch.

For an elegant but effortlessly cool look, choose a black shirt -and no tie!- for your grey suit. Or try instead a white shirt look, and get creative with the tie: burgundy, purple, blue and, of course, grey and black, all look super smart when matched with grey suit and white shirt. Or else, make the tie the focal point of the outfit, by choosing a pattern instead of block colours: a patterned tie, in fact, will provide some depth and top your grey suit with grace.

To complete the look, a very popular combination is black belt and shoes – or, to add a more personal touch, choose a slightly different nuance for the shoes, dark brown for instance.

There are many more options to choose from, of course! If you are thinking to use a striped shirt, take a look at our post How to choose a tie for a striped shirt and explore more combinations for a look that is always smart and impeccable.

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