SuBo fashion line?

If you’ve ever wanted to look just like Susan Boyle (and who hasn’t?) then it looks like you may have your chance: the singing sensation has announced that she wants to start her own clothing range.

The Daily Star have quoted a ‘source’ (yes, we know they’ve made it up) as saying the BGT loser is keen to get started on her very own tartan line: ‘We aim to repackage Susan completely. It will be Susan herself driving the design team, so fans are guaranteed a personal touch that will transform souvenirs into something special. She hopes to create merchandise that combines traditional quality with a hip, modern look. People already love her debut album - now they're going to love her chic tartan image.’

The Star has even gone to the trouble of asking a chap who owns a tartan shop for his thoughts on a SuBo pattern: ‘In the case of the Boyle clan, there is a Boyle Personal pattern which is predominantly blue and green, although some Boyles prefer wearing Galloway Red. Either way, this might actually work in Susan's favour as her designers will be able to start from scratch and create a Susan Boyle tartan.’

If you can’t wait for the SuBo clothing range, we recommend you pop into your local charity shop.

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