Stylish and warm in a Salomon ski jacket

If you are mulling over a Salomon ski jacket, take note that these garments are made to comply with the strict standards of the company. Check out Simply Piste (simplypiste.co.uk) that carries a wide range of clothing and accessories for winter sports.

Look over the Women's Brilliant Jacket in black and cerise. At £300, this is no bargain. In exchange for your money, you are getting a piece of clothing that is tailored to meet your demands. Notice that the seams are more often glued rather than sewn. This makes all the difference when insulating your body from the harsh elements of nature such as cold, wind, rain, and snow. Featuring zipper closures and a removable hood, this striking piece will keep you warm and dry on and off the slopes. Purchase the matching Brilliant Ski Pants to complete your outfit.

Think of the man in your life and keep him warm with this Men's Snow Trip 3 in 1 III Jacket for £240. Its colour is a fantastic blend of black and light green. He can use this jacket in multiple ways. As a full jacket with double parts, it insulates him during those extremely bitter, cold days. During milder weather, he can don the inner jacket or the outer part separately. The hood is detachable and the jacket itself is completely waterproof.

Sail and ski (sailandski.co.uk) offer good choices of ski jackets by Salomon. Take an eye-catching eggplant coloured Women's Fantasy II for £229.95. Providing perfect insulation from the cold, it will keep you cosy and moisture free outdoors. It comes with a detachable and adjustable hood and is ideal for a casual yet trendy look on or off the piste.

Want to brighten the drab wardrobe of your spouse or boyfriend? Get him the Supernova Jacket II in corona yellow and black for £199.95. Manufactured from Stretch Pro Clima Fabric, this clothing will shield him from the elements. It has a hood, double insulation, and plenty of pockets to hold all those essential items. Versatile with its 'snap-in connections', get him the matching Chillout II Bib Pants.

Be daring and splurge on a Salomon ski jacket this winter season. It provides optimum insulation, stylish, and comfortable to wear.

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