Stylefinder: The return of the knee highs

So, the next big accessories trend is knee-high socks.

To be worn either up to the knee like you used to at primary school or in a more risqué manner pulled up over the knee with a skirt to take the point that little bit further. Herein lies the fun part of this trend - the fact that you can make the look as subtle or as blatant as you want, mix it up in different outfits to create a certain look and become a new character every time you get dressed.

A few of the girls in the office and I decided to take the look out on to the streets to gauge a reaction – with the help of Kurt Geiger's famed Pantherella range of two-tone socks. One of my colleagues stepped out in the grey/red ribbed socks with a black knee-length dress and all you could see when she walked was a flash of red where the top of the socks reached her hem. This got people looking but remained subtle. Another tried the pink and maroon pair, a little tougher to pull off but her boyfriend, the trickiest of judges for all things fashion, thought they were cute.

As for me, I took the safe option in the black pair with grey tops and, worn with a LBD, they made a dressy look more casual and more fashion forward. All in all, a thumbs up from the Stylefinder team! Click here to find out where to get a pair of Kurt Geiger's Pantherella socks.

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(Image: missmareck's Flickr stream)

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