Style icons: Michelle Obama

When talking of fashion style icons: Michelle Obama comes to mind as one of the most stylish First Ladies America has ever known. She continues to make waves because of her chic and fashionable style. As the US First Lady, she has a distinct style of her own even repeating outfits for public functions. She shops at mass department stores, but has also a great eye for high street brands. With clever matching and mixing of outfits, she managed to come up with a style that is distinctly Michelle O's.

Her favourite designers

  • Jason Wu

As one of the most influential style icons, Michelle Obama supports young and upcoming designers. One of her favourite designers is Jason Wu. A few of the memorable outfits designed by Wu included the stunning two-toned sheath and matching burgundy skirt with an embellished black neckline Michelle wore during the President’s State of the Union address. In March 2009, the First Lady wore a pink dress from the same designer for a Vogue cover photo shoot. Even the purple frock she donned for a church service in DC on July 17, 2011 was designed by Wu as well as the smashing white, one shoulder ball gown she wore for the Inaugural Ball.

  • Michael Kors

During the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards, Obama wore a dazzling Michael Kors creation when she showed up in a lovely, black sequin dress. Even the black sleeveless dress she wore for the official White House photograph was from the same designer.

  • Isabel Toledo

The Cuban-born American designer was honoured when Michelle opted to wear her creation for Inauguration day in January 2009, a refreshing yellow-green coat.

  • Barbara Tfank

Not to be forgotten on the list is Barbara Tfank whose fantastic creations for the FL include the blue and green pattern pop dress she had on during the Kid’s “States Dinner” at the White House.

  • Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan who is known for designing ornate and decorative dresses is another fave designer of Mrs. Obama. She wore a striking strapless gown by Khan during her first state dinner in honour of visiting Indian Prime Minister Singh. Michelle favours his designs for formal occasions such as the beautiful floral gown she used for the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

One of us

As one of the unforgettable style icons, Michelle Obama related well to the average American woman wearing budget friendly dresses and outfits from Gap and J. Crew. The $148 off the rack dress she wore when she appeared on 'The View' in 2008 was an instant hit and the dress sold out within days. No wonder Michelle O continues to be an inspiration for many with her signature style from simple and comfortable to glamorous and stunning outfits.

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