Style icons: Gwen Stefani

She is certainly one of the most famous and influencial style icons. Gwen Stefani is well-known for her distinct and unique way of dressing. Those who followed the star’s career will know her fashion flair has definitely evolved from wearing sexy midriff to her platinum blonde locks. From costumes which she made herself when she was just starting out to dressing up in designer outfits, Gwen Stefani is an influential person in the fashion world.

Fashion influences

Gwen Stefani started her career with the ska pop group, No Doubt, in 1995. She went solo as a recording and performing artist in 2004 even dabbing in film acting and designing her own signature line of perfumes and clothes. As one of the most recognizable style icons today, Gwen Stefani started a few trends of her own as follows:

  • Bindi

In 1995, Stefani popularized the bindi, the Hindu adornment on the forehead. She often attended gatherings with former boyfriend, Tony Kanal who is of Indian ethnicity. Gwen was also one of the first celebrities to don the gothic look.

  • Hot-pink and blue hair

Gwen is a brunette, but changed her hair colour several times. She is credited for starting the hot pink hair trend. This was in 1999 and she was not afraid to wear and show orthodontic braces to go with the look two years after. She was also caught on camera in blue hair the year before.

  • Classic chic

When she was 25, Gwen changed her hair colour into platinum blonde with the classic crimson red lipstick. Apparently, she spent eight hours in a salon in LA for this.

  • Sporty and glamorous

For a while, Stefani was seen in public appearances and performances wearing sports trousers and midriff tops. For example, she showed up at the Super Bowl XXVII wearing fabulous sporty bottoms and a sexy top.

  • Harajuku

Perhaps, a major highlight of the singer’s style evolution is when she appeared dressed in a girlie outfit for the release of her solo album. Today, her back up dancers, Harajuku Girls wear outfits inspired by 'Gothic Lolita.'

  • Patterns

True to style, Gwen is great at mixing and matching pattern outfits. During the L.A.M.B. runway show, she appeared in a gorgeous blazer and colourful pants, both in print and patterns, of course.

Lasting impressions

When it comes to style icons, Gwen Stefani is a trend setter in her own right. She is also well-liked in the Hollywood circle with no known scandals or controversies tarnishing her status. Her fashion influences continue to this day and at 42, she exudes the confidence of a real style icon and star.

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