Style icons: Bettie Page

One of the most revered style icons is Bettie Page, the queen of pin-up posters. Many might not have heard of Bettie, but for those who do, she is a timeless fashion figure. Endowed with chaste blue eyes and coal-black hair, the striking combination of an hour glass figure and an innocent look made her famous. She was also daring and avant-garde during her heyday.

The pin up girl

  • Career

Bettie Page was best known as the subject of pinup photographs. Dubbed as the “Queen of Pinups”, her modeling stint included working for national magazines and posing as the centerfold in a January 1955 edition of Playboy. She also dabbled in a brief acting career. As one of the enduring style icons, Bettie Page was emulated for her innocent looks, stylish fashion, boldness and passion for dressing.

  • Hairstyle

The signature fringe worn with long hair below the shoulders is a trademark copied until today by famous stars. Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Krysten Ritter and Christina Aguilera are just a few of the celebrities seen sporting a Bettie Page hairdo. Who can also forget Uma Thurman's famous hairstyle in Pulp Fiction?

  • Fashion sense

When talking about clothes, Bettie knew how to present a stylish fashion taking advantage of her curvy figure by wearing high waist skirts or adding belt accents to emphasize her waistline. She also chose to mix and match outfits such as revealing tops and trousers or classic pieces with sexy outfits. From donning alluring blouses to posing in innocent yet tempting beachwear, Bettie Page has a distinct style of her own.

She was quoted to say she has no fashion sense and simply wears what looks good on her. With a face and a figure like hers, this is not difficult to achieve. Picture a lace bodice with elbow length gloves, stiletto heels and you’re ready to meet the sultry goddess of pin-up. Although her photographs were very provocative, they were not offensive and done in good taste courtesy of her collaboration with professional photographers such as Irving Klaw, Jan Caldwell, Bunny Yeager, and H.W. Hannau.

Lasting influences

Bettie Page passed away in 2008 after battling a mental illness. Although style icons like Bettie Page lived during a different era, her sense of fashion and style captivated many people. She will forever be remembered not only as the pin-up girl, but also for her contribution to the fashion world.

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