The style icons making waves

You either hate them or love them yet style icons are here to stay. They are the men or women who set a trend through seasons. From baggy dresses and oversized tops to skinny jeans and flashy gowns, these trend setters influence the way we dress up or dress down for the casual trip to the supermarket to that glitzy party we're attending.

The styles

1. Vintage and retro

Clothes and accessories that made their way in your closets and being resurrected in the form of cropped jeans, motorbike trousers, leather jackets, ballet flats, and hippie outfits fall under this category. The British supermodel Kate Moss personifies this look and made her one of those famous style icons.

2. Wild and outrageous

Downright ugly yet iconic, the quirky look is something strange and bizarre. Lady Gaga perfectly fits the bill with themes applied on her outfits. She appeared as Kermit the Frog and as a Three-layer Cake. Her famous lobster headpiece is surely a drawer. Not to mention a feathered tree and a button sitting on her head.

3. Chic and classic

Neat suits, polished shoes, crisp shirts are the order of the day for men who follow the classic style of dressing. From pop star Maxwell and American actor Rock Hudson to the classic suits of Rudolph Valentino and football star Samuel Eto'o, the classic look is timeless.

The US First Lady is also known to put on chic outfits when the occasion calls for it. She wore the Isabel Toledo dress and coat during the Inauguration of her husband.

4. Extra big

Rachel Zoe loves to put on lots of big jewellery, wedges, endless caftan, and huge sunglasses. Her way of dressing attracts a following making her one of the influential style icons.

Something else?

Dressing for comfort or dressing for fashion? It looks like the former. The Olsen twins who have recently switched from Givenchy and Balenciaga outfits to wearing outsized coats and shirts emulate this style of dressing. The buzz is, being anti-fashion might be the next fashion trend. Whatever fashion you choose to follow, there is no doubt that style icons influence our way of dressing.

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