stunning race day dresses - you deserve a little treat!

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Stunning race day dresses are not that easy to find. This is the type of occasion where it's important to look classy without looking overdone and that kind of balance can be hard to find. The weather also is very unpredictable so it's hard to know whether a summer dress will be appropriate or will you need to cover up?

If you log on to foreverunique.co.uk you will see that there are considerable options when selecting a dress for an event such as the races. If you're thinking of wearing a one shoulder dress then pick one that will allow for a shawl or cardigan to be added to it should the necessity arise.

If you opted for the Dusk model in Ivory, this costs £220 and is a one shoulder dress with a frill detail that features a sequinned waistband, you could easily add a cotton cardigan or shrug without detracting from the prettiness of the dress.

Maxi dresses, such as the Reese print dress which would cost you £190 and is a layered frill dress, are always suitable for occasional wear and once again, adding a light jacket or cardigan is totally acceptable.

If you're shopping on a budget, this site also has a very pretty rose print prom style dress for only £55! This is part of the Alex Gerrard collection for Forever Unique and features a sweetheart neckline and a studded belt with a buckle detail to the back. This dress comes in either red rose or a blue rose version.

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