How to get the best street style look

Street fashion emerges from the grassroots, literally from people mostly youth, hanging out on the streets. Individual styles are then hyped up and worked on by professional designers in the studios and become hot trends. The first rule in getting the right street style look for us then is to keep it individual and full of character – our character!


The idea is to let your imagination run free and have a go at trying different things all the time – innovation is a big quality in street style looks. So by all means wear your favourite pieces from high street stores and brands you love, but mix and match them following your own taste and daring to create something fresh: for instance, a great street style look can be achieved by matching a sporty, casual sweatshirt dress with chunky ankle boots and something fancy like a pork pie hat – for instance this Adidas Women Originals Sweatshirt Dress in grey, front logo with zebra pattern (http://bit.ly/ZrfwcG) with these Ash YES topo suede fleece lined wedge boots (http://bit.ly/1mPXk6B) and the Jack Wills Mirams Pork Pie Hat available on Asos (http://bit.ly/ZrftNZ)

This is just one example- remember above all your street style should suit your figure and personality- so let's get creative! Try different thing and check how they go together, and look out for the rare items like those hand crafted or vintage. Take a trendy, exclusive piece like the Thy3 polyester mesh oversize t-shirt, with transfer print (available in black or white here http://bit.ly/10lj28E ) and mix it with high street boyfriend's jeans like this from the H&M woman's jeans AW 2014-15 collection (http://bit.ly/1BzAsK6 ), a classic vintage look jacket like this Puma windbreaker (http://bit.ly/1udgcxJ ) and a hip hop cap like the black PVC Quilted Bucket Hat available at Street Wear United (http://bit.ly/1BzAfGH) and you are ready to roll!

Now, take a look around you, find the statement piece to start from, and let your imagination run free and your true street style looks emerge.

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