How to wear a strapless dress flawlessly

A strapless dress is a clear winner when it comes to choosing the right outfit to wear for any occasion. It is a great choice during warmer months and looks smashing as a party or cocktail gown for both formal and informal events. These dresses come in different styles, designs, and lengths. However, wearing one is a bit tricky and you might want to consider some tips to make it hassle-free.

Shopping for a strapless dress

From vintage and retro to modern and contemporary designs, strapless dresses vary in styles and shapes. When picking one, make sure that the strapless dress you choose has a shape. One way of checking this without fitting is to see if the garment has an hour-glass shape while on a hanger. That said, do not wear tight-fitting dresses as they only draw attention to body flaws and bulges creating creases and waves at the front and back. As a rule, if the top is snug and tight, the bottom of the strapless dress should be a bit loose to avoid appearing like a mummy.

Wearing the right underwear

Now that you have chosen a smart strapless dress, it’s time to put it on and get the party kicking. Remember that strapless means you are relying on the dress to provide support to your body and curves. Don’t forget to don on a strapless brassiere underneath to give proper support to the bosom. Never leave anything to chance and even pin your bra to the dress to prevent accidents. You can also add a body skimmer or body shape underwear for a leaner silhouette and to hide bulges.

Accessories are important

Keeping the dress in place is a very important consideration when wearing strapless clothing. Bear in mind that accessories are vital, too in completing the look. When wearing a strapless dress, consider the right footwear such as high heels and pumps for above or below knee frocks. If you’re wearing flowing, long dresses, go for lower heels and even flats. Wear jewellery sparingly to avoid cluttering the effect and purpose of a strapless dress - to show off a lovely neck and shoulders.

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