Getting the best out of hair straighteners - GHD tips and tricks

We have all been there. Early morning start and facing back from the mirror is the mother of all bad hair days. Frizzy and unmanageable hair, like something from Medusa's worst nightmares come true.

This need not happen though. Ceramic hair straighteners allow even the most unmanageable hair to be styled and preened to perfection but it does come at a cost.

First the actual cost, GHD units are expensive! We found the best price on Amazon.com. For a GHD IV Mark 4 Styler Hair Straightener it was only £83.95 including postage and packaging.

You could also try Strawberrynet.com, they are one of our favourite online beauty and cosmetic retailers and they have some of the best cash back deals online meaning more money in your pocket!

These types of straighteners, GHD and other brands, use ceramic plates to dry your hair. This design means hair can hold a style much easier and allows users to even style wet hair. However because of the incredible heat that they give off, the ceramic plates can damage your hair with misuse.

Allowing your GHD time to heat up is vitally important. If you do not follow this step you can cause damage to your hair as the ceramic unit will not be hot enough to work and will result in over use!

Combining your daily hair straightening regime with a heat based hair conditioner can avoid the dry and straw-like hair that comes from over use of a GHD.

After a long day in the office or a work out in the gym sometimes hair can become static and fluffy. We find that our GHD is small enough to be put into most large hand-bags so pop it into your work or gym bag alongside some GHD obedience cream to give your style a quick-fix on the go.

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