Caring for your stocking top tights

Stocking top tights look great and sexy with their sheer and shimmer. They give the legs a seductive look and define their shape. Usually worn with skirts, they are fashionable and provide warmth. However, looking after them is a hassle, often with disastrous results. Let us discuss ways to care for them that will save you money, frustration and embarrassment.

Wearing and caring

Stocking top tights are delicate items that must be handled with gentleness. When they start to run, there is very little you can do, apart from buying a new pair and discarding the old ones.

Here are a few tips to wear them and prevent runs:

Take your time to get in and out of them

Taking your time when wearing stocking top tights is the best advice to avoid rips. Roll the stockings carefully till you reach the soles and ease them slowly into your feet, gently tugging upwards. When you take them off, do the reverse by pulling them down starting at the waist till your reach the feet. Do not pull on any part as the action stretches the fabric/nylon and creates holes.

Watch for those nails and sharp objects

Excess cuticles and sharp nails can easily make holes in your stockings. Moisturise your hands before putting them on to smoothen and soften sharp edges. If possible, wear one of those surgical gloves before wearing your tights to avoid runs.

Handwash stockings

Even if washing machines nowadays have the handwash function for delicate items, stockings should never be put in one. Wash them by hand using gentle soaps and prolong their lives. Don't wring stockings, but just clump them in your hands to shake excess water and hang dry.

Store in a plastic bag

Since they are delicate, it is best to store them in a laundry bag. You can also use a shoe box to pile stockings together. Often, when they are stored with other clothes and lingerie, you have the tendency to pull them when you're in a hurry or they get caught with the snaps, fasteners, and buttons of other items in your drawer.

Extra hint

Following these simple, but useful tips will extend the life of your stocking top tights. In addition, make sure to trim or curl the thread into a small ball at the first sign of a run to prevent making a bigger hole. While others claim that nail varnish prevents it from running completely, this is just a temporary solution. Your best bet is to bring a pair of replacement stockings with you in cases of mishaps and avoid embarrassment.

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