Stella McCartney Spring-Summer 2014 Bags collection: sneak preview

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According to women psychology, in times of sales we always save loads of money that we can then invest in... more shopping! If you think you saved up a lot this January then you can definitely start taking a peek at the new spring-summer 2014 collections: clothes, shoes, accessories and, of course, bags, like those by Stella McCartney for instance.

British fashion designer Stella McCartney presents us with a sneak preview of her spring-summer 2014 bags collection, a series of cheerful and radiant accessories perfect to begin breaking up the cold season with colour and, above all, indispensable in the summer when we go out much more, especially at night when we show off our best-loved evening bags.

Pretty and cool, the new bags by Stella McCartney were on her runaway shows at Paris Fashion Week but now the first detail-revealing pictures are finally available. Stella McCartney proposes a lovely trio of very cute pochettes, the same bag declined in three different designs: one with a balck&white daisy flowery print, one in mock-piton printed textile, and one absolutely gorgeous in black&white flowery lace, chic and essential.

For those who prefer more traditionals bags Stella McCartney also proposes two styles in eco friendly leather, a colourful super bright shoulder bag with fuschia strap and a cyan handbag with long handle.

Now we just have to wait to discover the rest of the collection and, of course, the prices!

What do you think? Do you like the bags designed by Stella McCartney for the next season?

PHOTO GALLERY Stella McCartney Spring-Summer 2014 bags collection

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