Stella costumes for McCartney Ballet

Fashion designer and daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney created the costumes for her father’s ballet Ocean’s Kingdom which premiered at the New York City Ballet gala on Thursday night.

The show delighted the audience at the David H. Koch theatre who gave the performers, its creator and designers a standing ovation, the telegraph reports. Stella McCartney created a dazzling explosion of fabrics and prints, including tie-dyed body ‘stockings’, clown-style suits and Aztec print body suits, all of which were tailored to the technical demands of skilled performers.

As the name suggests, the show takes place in an underwater world and the costumes made for the aquatic characters achieved a fluidity which both accentuated dancers’ movements and simulated the movement of fabric moving in water. Speaking to Newsweek the designer explained, ‘I do performance wear [for Adidas], and these dancers are athletes, so I have an understanding of that. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have to use stretch materials if you're working with ballerinas.’

It may have been her first ballet, but she certainly had the required expertise; her dad chose her for the right reasons. Stella admits that it has been a long process to get to a point where she feels comfortable with the idea of working with her world-famous father: ‘It took 10 years to get to that stage and to have the confidence that [working with my father] wasn't total nepotism,’ she said.

‘It was the right time. Definitely it was about having fun. And it doesn't come around very often, the opportunity to do a ballet with the New York City Ballet with Peter Martins and the fantastic dancers they have.’

Talking to the BBC about working with her dad she revealed: ‘You have that emotion of feeling very proud and then you realise you are working with 'Sir Paul McCartney' and that's really exciting.’

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