Statement accessories: what to look for

While the fashion world is constantly bombarding customers with a bewildering range of choices, you don’t need to fork out for completely new outfits all the time. A much subtler way of maintaining a fresh look for any occasion is to utilise the power of statement accessories. Much cheaper – equally effective.

Recommended statement accessories

The beauty of statement accessories is they allow you much more leeway in terms of defining a look that is essentially you. Whenever you purchase a new outfit from your favourite high street boutique, you’ll always run the risk of falling victim to that ultimate fashion faux pas – bumping into someone at the event, club or restaurant, who has visited that very shop. There’s nothing like a clash of outfits to deflate anyone’s sense of enjoyment.

With statement accessories you have much more of a blank canvas to work from. An accessory can often be just as vivid a conversation piece as the latest designer dress. And statement accessories are also applicable to any occasion, from formal celebrations requiring extravagant gowns to an informal meal. You want to stand out from the crowd among everyone else who’s wearing jeans at the trendy rock concert? Get yourself accessorized!

There are so many statement accessories to choose from, it’s often a dizzying thought knowing where to start. One of the main accessories in any wardrobe is, of course, the handbag. These come in so many shapes and sizes, but there is always one to suit your outfit perfectly. There is also jewellery, and although trends come and go, perennial favourites include stylish ear-rings, chokers and bracelets.

Other accessories

Statement accessories can include necklaces, brooches, clutch bags. Some might even go so far as to define discreet tattoos as a statement accessory, although we are entering a potential minefield here – fashions evolve constantly, so you don’t want to end up with something that may well be regarded as deeply ‘uncool’ in a year’s time"!

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