Join the Crew of the Starship Enterprise with Star Trek Fancy Dress

James T. Kirk and his amazing Starship Enterpise crew made their debut in 1966. The budget was thin in those days and even the leading characters had to make it through filming with the cheapest of costumes. As it turns out the show was one of histories most incredible success stories of all time. Get into the party spirit and check out these great uniforms and accessories for Star Trek fancy dress. Use a bit of creativity and your knowledge about Star Trek to put together a great costume.

Angels Fancy Dress

Angels offers 14 different costumes to make your Trekky outfit shine. Most of the fancy dresses are men’s uniforms with the official insignia of each of the ranks on the Enterprise. However, there are a few women's uniforms that bring back that classic look of the sixties with short skirts and black go go boots.

The Star Trek Captain Kirk Shirt retails for £46.99 and does not include the dark trousers. You get the standard orange top with chest badge and gold braid designating the rank of Captain.

The Star Trek Science Dress retails for £44.00. This is the blue miniskirt that was seen so often aboard the Enterprise. The colour blue indicates a member of the medical and science team. The costume does not include boots, but it is highly recommended to wear tall brown or black boots to complete the sixties look.


You might want to spend the afternoon evaluating all the great costumes at Buycostumes.com. You can have your choice of 60 different Star Trek costumes.

Buycostumes.com also has great accessories to compliment outfits. Check out the Star Trek Movie 2009 Spock Wig for $12.99, Star Trek Movie 2009 Spock Ears for $4.99 and the Star Trek Movie 2009 Phaser Gun on sale for $4.99.

The Star Trek fancy dress presents the ideal opportunity for Trekkies to party and have fun.

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