Standing Posh-vation

We can't resist a dig at Posh's bunions, or her persistent pouting, but when it comes to designing frocks all hats are off to the lady. Her fourth collection for winter 2010/11 hit runways yesterday and the New York Fashion week police lurved it, as did we. Made up almost exclusively of finely sculpted frocks and elegantly draped dresses, the collection spoke of fifties film star chic. Floaty materials that allowed for silhouetting - that is showing off shape while hiding the wobbly bits, was key. There was more than a whiff of old school Giorgio Armani glamour in this collection.

Block colours dominated. Floor length gowns in oyster, and a full length trench in gold lame-chiffon stood out, as did knee length cinched numbers in turquoise, and bright red. A black shirt-dress begs to be donned with a martini in hand and a long cigarette on the go come autumn.

We applaud simplicity and chic over look-at-me razzmatazz. Vicky, we can't wait to see you wearing the oyster floor length number at the Oscars. Just remember to smile...

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