How to stay fashionable with changing spring trends

Each fashion season brings with it new styles in different shapes and colours. Spring trends are no exception. They come and go so fast that often, it's hard to keep up with what's in and what's out. But, there are classic designs, styles, and colours that are simply timeless. They take you through the season of spring year after year looking great and without a big dent in your wallet.

What to keep in your closets


Capris are timeless pieces that won't look out of place in spring when warm weather starts to weigh you down. Easy to slip in and out, these 'clam diggers' (pedal pushers) are delightful. They are worn mid-calf while some other styles end just above the knee.

Floral and mono shirts

Shirts are great for layering and can be worn with anything such as skirts, trousers and capris. Light floral prints do not go out of style while mono colour shirts in classic white are great additions to your spring wardrobe. You can never go wrong in beige and off-white pastels either.

Navy stripes

What's spring without the immortal stripes? Big or small stripe tops are always there in the spring trends list.


A-line skirts or a long skirt in white or beige are fantastic add-ons to your closet for spring. They will keep you cool when things heat up while a high slit dress gives a sexy silhouette.

Boot cut jeans

These type of jeans can be worn all year round and the spring season is no exception.

Cardigans and hoodies

Spring signifies good weather - hopefully. For those sudden drops in temperature, chic cardigans in classic, mono colours keep you warm while hoodies protect you from the unexpected such as a drizzle and even flurries. They are easy to take on and off and are great for layering.


Blouses in cotton or combination fabrics are always feminine-looking. They can be dressed up or down as part of an office attire or for a casual occasion. Blouses can be worn solo or under a cardigan or a jumper. Don't be afraid to keep navy blues, blacks, beige and browns for extra ammunition.


Pumps, wedges and sandals are ideal to have when temperatures are mild and you need to free your feet from confining boots. Sunglasses are basic accessories as well that will shield your eyes from the glaring sun. A classic tote or hobo bag in light shades completes the look. Simple studs and hoop earrings also give any outfit a fashion boost. Don't forget a bright scarf as a finishing touch.

Keeping classic and timeless pieces

Shopping smart and stocking on lasting outfits will keep you a step ahead of changing spring trends. During these hard times, mixing classic pieces with the latest fashion is the sensible approach. You'll look and feel great in these timeless clothes that make it through the spring fashion each year without creating a big hole in your pockets.

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