Spring fashion show 2012 – glamour in the UK

The spring fashion show is an annual runway event held in Manchester. The show celebrates UK’s finest fashion talent and offers emerging designers and young creatives the opportunity to showcase their work in a live and engaging glamour event. Now in its third year running, the show promises to be even bigger and better in 2012. The 2012 event is scheduled for 8 February at Pitcher Piano in Manchester.


The spring fashion show, organised by a talented team of young ladies behind The End of Summer Fashion Show in Leeds, is more than just a glamour event. The show raises money for charity and showcases the works of exciting fashion designers from across the UK. It also acts as a springboard for budding models and designers to launch exciting careers.

The show features model castings that attract model scouts and photographers on the lookout for new talents, designer positions that attract companies on the hunt for new designers and fabulous collections that attract the media seeking to highlight fresh talents and the glamour of the event. The show presents exciting possibilities for fashion creatives, marketing and advertising companies alike.

Marketing opportunities for businesses

The Spring Fashion show offers branding and marketing opportunities for businesses as well as individuals through the Spring Fashion show goody bag. A Spring Fashion show goody bag that is packed with goodies from selected companies is given to audience members at each event, which presents a fabulous opportunity to reach out to the niche audience present at the events.

Businesses and individuals can add anything they want in their goody bag, including business cards, small accessories and branded product samples. Three hundred goody bags are up for grabs in the 2012 show. You are only limited by your creativity on how to leverage the opportunity to market your brand to the vibrant audience in attendance.

Visit the Spring Fashion show website for details on the cost of entering a goody bag and any other requirements to leverage available and futures opportunities in the event. Take advantage of the goodie bag opportunity especially if you are a new entrant in the market or planning to launch a new product.

The 2012 show

Tickets for the 2012 Spring Fashion show sell at £9 for a fabulous night of glamour and talent at the spectacular Pitcher Piano bar and restaurant in Manchester. The show starts at 8pm with a number of exciting designers from across UK confirmed to showcase designs, including Crystal Padmore, Cross Culture Fashion and Thom Neal. Even more exciting is that the event is organised for a noble cause with proceeds from the 2012 show going to the charitable organisation Oxfam!

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