Spring dresses for a wedding

Whether you are the bride or a guest, there's a lot of fun in picking the best possible dress for a special day like a wedding, and if that special day happens to be in spring, then the fun is even more! Give up the anxiety, we can help you with a little taster of the most stlish spring dresses for a wedding out there - making your choice has never been more enjoyable!

For every taste

Here some ideas for the trendiest spring dresses for a wedding guest this spring...

For the romantic in you:

This Team All Saints' Cancity dress wraps softly but firmly around the figure, ideal for the coolest spring days. Wejust love the champagne nance (or vintage pink) so warm and classy, perfect match to the irresistibly smooth Japanese fabric, used for its shine finish effect and the dramatic fluidity. With sizes from 4to 14, and a price at £198, you won't fail challenging the bride for all the attention...


On the ther hand though, do you think you could look just as classy in a £25 dress?

Well, if the dress is the New Look Dream Coral, the answer is: YES!

This flocked sleeveless dress is terribly, effortlessly feminine.Perfect for the garden party season, it hugs the figure in a dreamy coral pink embossed with flowers. Simply irresistable! size 8 to 14, price a mere £25


Are you more on the dark side?

Check out this Karen Miller black graphic colour dress: it breaks the rules of the classical black short and fitted dress with its animal printed, shimmery golden waistband- you won't go unnoticed! Capped sleeves and a straight decolte' line complete the look: drop dead gorgeous! But hurry up, at £140, sizes 8 and 10 are already sold out online...


Again, why squander all that cash if you can look just as gorgeous for a fraction of the price?

Well, how about this super sexy Satin Oriental sleeveless dress by Oasis? Shiny, super fitting, with an original cut on the decolte', it won't fail its task, and for a mere £20 pounds...you can't go wrong!



But if you are the bride...

We had a look at some options for spring dresses for a wedding guest, but what if you are the bride? Well, there's no getting around it, the high cotoure designers have already dictated the trend: the spring 2013 bride is... RED!

Take a look at Vera Wang at http://www.verawang.com/EN/wedding/bridal-collection/spring-2013/1320-karen

But remember, it's your wedding we're talking about...you are welcome to disagree, of course!

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