The best spring dresses for 2013

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to put on lighter wear for the coming season. We take a look at a few of the best spring dresses for 2013 from chic cocktail outfits to casual frocks. We think these are exciting buys for the warmer months whether you're partying, doing a cookout, working or simply celebrating the change of seasons.


  • Prints

Some of the best spring dresses for 2013 come in floral prints. Mid-length dresses are still in you’ll find a bunch of dresses in floral print from Asos. Top Shop has also a cool Jewel Print Bodycon Dress while Monki has a fantastic floral print sleeveless dress at a great price. You’ll also look outstanding in a Warehouse Butterfly Print Dress in black and white.

  • Stripes and checkers

Mango has a fantastic striped dress in pastel colours. Made of lightweight fabric, the garment is great for daily or casual wear. Put some spring in your steps and try the monochrome dress from H&M. River Island has also a ‘space print’ dress for a different look. Louis Vuitton out of your budget range? Get an instant designer look for less in a Checkerboard Dress from River Island.

  • Polka dots

Check out Top Shop for a dress dotted with white polka dots against a blue backdrop. The long-sleeved dress is ideal for cool evenings and nippy days.

  • Baroque motif

Baroque is still in fashion, you can don a beautiful Dorothy Perkins dress with the same motif.

  • Lace and ruffles

Lace was never really out of fashion and Whistles offer a gorgeous blue dress in lace for a soft and feminine touch. A smashing red Ruffle Detail Dress from Coast is sure to send looks your way.

  • LBD

No season is complete without a long black dress for a glam evening. Pick the black long-sleeved jersey from Coast for a chic look. On the same note, Mango’s Long Black Lace sleeveless dress is a steal. Or, take your chances with a Leather Long Shift Dress from Zara.

Prepare for the coming season

From pinks and blues to prints and stripes, the best spring dresses for 2013 are going to regale you with refreshing colours and comfortable designs all at affordable prices. There’s a whole bunch of accessories, too that will perfectly complement your attires from wide belts and document clutch bags to cowboy boots and 'dudette' caps.

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