Spray On Clothes!

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but according to an article in the Daily Mail, we could all be spraying on our outfits direct from an aerosol within a few years.

Scientists at Imperial College, London, have spent 10 years developing ‘Fabrican’ – a potentially fashion-changing product which allows users to literally spray an outfit on to their body. The spray fabric works as a liquid until it is sprayed on to the body, when it quickly dries to form a tough, wear-resistant, uber-skin-tight and frankly quite stylish little number.

The product won’t reach our shelves for a good few years, but when it does finally hit the high street the developers say that we will be able to pick up a can for £10, or even go into an in-store spray booth for an instant outfit change whilst shopping. Of course eco-friendly nay-sayers may point out that we really don’t need more aerosol products on the market, and what’s really wrong with a decent pair of leggings? Fair comment, but don’t you want to live like the Jetsons?!

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