About sport shoes


The top brands in sports shoes in the UK, and globally, are the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok. These big names represent quality in the sports shoes arena and offer the chance for you to improve in your chosen sport if you pick the right equipment.


Sports shoe types are most often defined by their grip. For instance, a grass court tennis shoe has a different grip to a clay court tennis shoe. A long distance cross country running shoe has a very different grip to an athletic track sprinters shoe with spikes.

Not just the grip but also the fabric and general fit of the shoe is important. For instance, it is important that a long distance shoe is very comfortable and offers some degree of ankle support, whereas a sprinters shoe is minimal in design, light weight and almost moulded to the foot. Comfort and support is not as important as aerodynamics.


You really need to narrow down the type of sports shoe you require before specifying a price. Sport shoes can be very expensive if you are looking to buy the top of the range shoes, which can set you back easily over a hundred pounds if you really want to get serious about your sport.


The place to get bargains on sports shoes is online. Do some searching and you will always find a website which has a sale on and can offer significant discount compared to the prices on the high street.

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