Spitting feathers

If you've seen Black Swan you'll know only too well what happens when ballet dancers turns bad. But now it seems the squabbling has moved off-screen to the costume designers, who have recently exchanged some curt words about the movie's upcoming award nominations, writes Vogue.

New York design duo Rodarte were widely publicised for their part in designing costumes for the film but have not been nominated for an award. That honour has gone to the film's official costume designer Amy Westcott. According to the Costume Designers Guild, only the official designer is eligible to receive awards, and Rodarte are not members of the CDG.

When the press started claiming that the Rodarte sisters had not received proper credit for their work in the film, Westcott bit back: 'Controversy is too complimentary a word for two people using their considerable self-publicising resources to loudly complain about their credit once they realised how good the film is...I was happy for Rodarte's persistent publicity efforts at first; I'm so proud of the film and anything that brings it to an even wider audience is genuinely welcome. I tried to put aside my ego while being airbrushed from history in all of their interviews, as I'm just not that kind of person anyway. But when articles were planted that attacked me personally as if I had conspired against them I felt nothing but despair and betrayal.'

If the producers are looking for a sequel, they've got their story - Black Swan, The Designer's Revenge.

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