Your guide to Spanx!

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Danni Minogue swear bySpanx. It just goes to show that even with gruelling daily workouts with a personal trainer and a specialised diet cooked by a personal chef, we could all do with a helping hand to beat lumps, bumps and gravity!

The Spanx mantra states it’s a ‘higher power’ and we have to agree. Spanx are a wonderful shape fixer to wear under any garment.

How to put on your Spanx

Sick of struggling into your Spanx? Follow these tips and they'll soon be gliding on easily!

Treat putting on your Spanx like putting on pantyhose - just like tights and stockings, Spanx are easily snagged and laddered. Take off your jewellery and make sure you don't have any ragged nails.

After taking a bath or shower, wait at least 30 minutes before putting on your Spanx. Spanx will cling to damp skin and make it very hard to pull them up. Struggling with them could cause rips and tears.

If you can't wait for 30 minutes, dust a light layer of baby powder over your legs. This will dry up any moisture and allow the garment to slide on easily.

Spanx come in different shapes - including long legged Spanx, knee high Spanx and Spanx that reach your upper thigh. When you're putting them on, a good trick is to pull the garment up before worrying about their fitting at your thighs. Once the waist is at the right position at your waist, you can pull the legs down.

Many women buy Spanx in a larger size than they usually wear. Because they are tight and constricting, this can provide a more comfortable fit.

The story of Spanx

In a moment of inspiration and frustration due to ‘visible panty line’, Sara Blakely cut the feet off her panty hose in order to wear white trousers with an open toe shoe. There and then a primitive version of Spanx was born!

Over the next two years, Blakely invested US $5000 into creating a prototype. Following her gut-instinct, she managed to sell her product to major department stores across America. Then Oprah called and the rest is history! Spanx is now a US $150 million company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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