Solar powered lingerie

Marks & Spencer has always known a thing or two about lingerie but now that have taken that knowledge to a whole new level by creating the world's first carbon neutral bra.

According to the Telegraph, the M&S lingerie set was created in a Sri Lankan eco factory which used natural light or low energy bulbs, and is powered by hydroelectricity and roof-mounted solar panels. These measures cut energy consumption by a third, which is very impressive.

Producing the bras will still produce carbon dioxide but this will be offset by planting 6000 trees in the local Sri Lankan community each year. This will also help local wildlife as Sri Lanka's forests are currently disappearing at a rate of 1.6% per year.

The chain hopes these measures will encourage other retailers to make eco-friendly products a priority in the coming years. The Head of Sustainable Business at M&S said: 'We don't want green, eco-friendly products to be in a ghetto in the corner, we should be making all products more environmentally friendly.'

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