So Un-Juste

The Lithuanian runner-up of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model has deemed the judges’ decision to hand the top prize to her rival Jade Thompson as ‘unfair’. Juste Juozapaityte said she was disappointed by losing out to the 20-year-old ginger stunner from Stoke-on-Trent and, according to the Daily Mail, she firmly believes she lost out because she does not have British roots.

20-year-old Juste, who was told by both Elle Macpherson and Julien Macdonald that she was their favoured model, said after the show: 'There was no way they could have a non-British girl win the competition. Last year a Maltese girl won the show. This year, there would have been an outcry if a non-British or Irish model took the prize for a second year running.’

Whilst viewers have been quick to jump in with all sorts of comments about the suitability of a non-British or Irish winner, Juste insists: ‘I don’t think a girl like me from Lithuania could have won.’ Juste feels hard done by, but she does concede that Jade has a certain appeal, 'I can see that Jade is much more commercial than me. She'll sell things. She's different - everybody liked her because she was so unique.’ Juste was told by Julien Macdonald that she ‘looked like a boy in a dress’, but talking to mail online she said of her rival, ‘She’s represents the real women – she’s curvier than me.’

But it didn’t take long before bitterness over the judges’ decision kicked in again, 'But you know, they cut my hair off, they made me look like a boy. They gave me that look, then they criticised me for it.' Nothing like taking defeat gracefully is there?

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