So haute right now

So, Paris Haute Couture week has come to an end. Credit card bills have rocketed, food sales have plummeted and Lady GaGa is weeping into her pillow that Chanel beat her to the ‘giant Lion’s head and black tie’ combo.

Major players at this year’s skelethon were Josephus Thimster (formerly at Balenciaga) who went for a ‘war’ theme, presenting bloods-spattered jackets and burnt trousers. As couture is so often beyond the reach of morals, we admire the down-to-earth nature of Thimster’s collection. A quick trip to Primark and a stint in Her Majesty’s Service, and you’re the walking embodiment of grace.

Christian Dior went colour-crazy with floral prints and feathers in every shade imaginable. Givenchy was all about silk, sequins and ‘oh-my-god-that-dress-could-rescue-the-Greek-economy’ luxury. Where Givenchy teetered on the edge of burlesque-style opulence, Jean Paul Gaultier went all out – fishnets, fur, leather, cigarette-smoking models and a cameo from queen of the scene Dita Von Teese.

We will wait with baited breath to see which of these looks trickle down to the high street. Valentino’s birdcage look (see below) could certainly wind its way into H&M’s winter-wear must haves, and if IKEA doesn’t start selling 20ft-high gold lion statues by November, we will eat our Philip Treacys.

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