Where to buy a snowboard jacket for women

Having a great snowboard jacket is one of the first steps in ensuring that you have a great snowboarding holiday. While there are many places that you can buy a snowboard jacket for women from, the following suggestions have some of the best selections and best prices.

Boardwise.com is a one stop shop for all of your snowboarding needs. It has jackets, trousers, gloves, hats and accessories. The only thing it doesn't sell is the board itself. Under the jackets section you can pick between six different brands, or just browse all of their jackets, and while most of them are premium, expensive jackets, many are also on sale, with prices ranging from about £30 on their cheapest sale items to £200 on the latest and greatest jackets.

For a huge range of jackets it's definitely worth checking out ldmountaincentre.com. They have a powerful search tool allowing users to filter products by category, price range, colour and brand. Their range focuses heavily on style, with none of the plain, baggy jackets many other shops stock. They're also infused with the latest technology making them a serious proposition for even pro snowboarders. In other words much of what they stock is about as high end as you'll get in the world of snowboarding jackets, with prices in some cases of over £600. With such a big selection though they do still stock some more basic jackets, with prices of between £100 and £200, and even these are still very stylish and functional.

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