Trendy brands of snow coats

There are numerous brands of snow coats out there to dabble with until you find the best. Let me take you through some detailed descriptions of some of the famous brands of snow coats currently in the market. This will help you make an informed shopping decision before you go out to shop. The ranking does not indicate any preference.

Trespass Snow Clothing

Most of Trespass' coats have a detachable snow skirt and hood. They also come with a reflective lining which helps regulate the body temperatures. In addition to the reflective lining, trespass snow coats have underarm ventilation zips. If you like the less floral outfits, Trespass is the choice for you.

Burton Snow Coats

This is a big brand name when it comes to winter outfits. Their ranges of snow coats have been specially made to keep you warm in the cold weather. Some of the attributes of their snow clothing is that the coats have the jacket-to–pant interface. This means you can use the jackets for other purposes and not necessarily skiing. Their seams are also excellently made and the coats have a mesh lining.

FourSquare snowboard jackets

This have the special property of being the highest rating water proof/breathability ratio on a jacket available in the market. Their jackets generally have numerous zipper pockets for the convenience of storing skiing accessories.  The hoods attached to most foursquare jackets are also detachable.

Special Blend snow jackets

This is a big outdoor clothing brand name. They are especially known for their affordable products. For as low as £40, you can buy yourself a trendy snow coat. Their colours are also mixed and this is excellent for the children.

Other renowned trendy brands of snow coats include quicksilver, Helly Hansen, The Northface, Dare2b, Columbia, Patagonia and many more. Helly Hansen are quite expensive but are made with the finest fabrics like Gore®Tex. On the other hand, Dare2b are well known for their fitting nature- an attribute preferred by women.

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