snow boots to buy without even leaving the house!

snow boots to buy for yourself or as a present for someone else? This winter is already shaping up to be a tough one so many women are looking online to see how they can update their winter footwear without breaking the bank. Ugg boots are always a popular choice but, as the price tag is pretty steep ( you're talking upwards of £150 and up to £220 for a pair of tall classic Uggs) snow boots have risen to the forefront of the fashion radar.

While snow boots were traditionally chunky and almost clumsy in design, many of the range available now are streamlined and feature an the same kind of exterior as a regular outdoor boot. Many stable boots, also known as muckers, would have a similar design to the lighter weight snow boots. These feature moulded foot shape, padded or lined exterior and a durable waterproof upper. While Muckers cost upwards of £25 the snow boots vary in price depending on styles and brands.

EBay have an extensive selection within their online communities and you can either enter into a bidding process or simply use the "buy it now" option and buy it at the advertised price. You can buy boots for as little as £14.99 for a calf length waterproof black pair of snow boots. The auctions offer brands such as Roxy, Goldigga and Animal. While these may seem pricey for used goods, branded names such as these will sell for a lot more in stores. Only shop with sellers that accept paypal and those that have a high feedback rating with positive reviews from previous customers.

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