Snow boots size 4 - little feet need extra heat!

Snow boots size 4 are what you're going to need if you're a size 3 and looking for winter footwear! Confused? When you're buying winter boots, you're strongly advised by many manufacturers to buy them in a size bigger than you would ordinarily take.

When you consider the fact that you'll probably be layering up with at least two pairs of heavy socks coupled with boots that already are thickly lined then this suggestion makes a lot of sense! A size 4 is considered petite enough to qualify as child size which can be advantageous when it comes to saving money!

Price comparison websites such as nextag.co.uk can prove invaluable when looking for a good deal. These sites only show listings that are relevant to you and they include the stockists, price and related delivery charges if applicable. These sites have items to suit pretty much every budget.

If you're looking to invest in a good pair of snow boots then perhaps the Panama Jack snow boots might be of interest to you. These boots will set you back a cool £144 but there is free delivery. These boots aren't clumsy or chunky like some snow boots but they have a combined style of both casual and outdoor which makes them ideal for all sorts of weather.

The mid price boots would be the Snowjoggers classic boots in navy and these are priced between £44 and £70. They feature a padded nylon upper and a suede mudguard with a trainer bottom sole which is ideal for gripping icy roads and pavements!

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