Snow boots for women - where to get them

Now is a good time to get a new pair of snow boots before winter starts. The following are some of the top retailers in the UK that sell snow boots for women.

Snow and Rock

Snow and Rock one of the top ski clothing retailers in the UK with 21 stores throughout the country. They offer a range of snow boots for women and have a price match guarantee on all products. They stock some high quality brand names such as Calzat, Barts and Sorel. Prices range from £50 to around £150.


Trespass specialise in top quality ski jackets, weather proof jackets and snow boots. They design snow boots that can be used in the toughest of weather conditions. They have a range designed specifically for women to keep feet dry and warm during winter. They have over 75 stores across the UK and boots can also be securely bought from their website.


Millets are one of the largest outdoor activity retailers in the country. They provide a range of snow boots for women from some major manufacturers such as the North Face and Merrell. Prices start from around £90 and can be as high as £200.

Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse design ski clothing and snow boots to protect you from the elements. They provide dependable boots that will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. They sell their products direct to the public and so can offer prices up to 50% lower than similar products. They have many stores nationwide and boots can also be purchased from their website.

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