Smock the week

Call us idealistic and rose tinted (and possibly a bit shallow), but when we think of the 70s, rather than seeing miserable miners and discontented winters, we picture only beautifully coiffed ladies in Liberty smocks, a bit like Wendy Craig in 'Butterflies'. Well, lucky for us that this side of the 70s is back in fashion, as we don't fancy a summer dressed in miner's clobber.

Vogue gives us a handy step by step guide to the look: 'Summer holidays comprise perhaps a workaday cotton smock (try H&M's Garden Party collection), and a simple leather flat (Clarks, Chloe or Margaret Howell). For evening, swoosh past the babysitter in flowing wildflower-scattered silk voile (try Etro), or a maxi wrap dress (Stefano Pilati's white cotton shirtwaister fuses glamour and country innocence). Night or day, wholesomeness is the lodestar of the look. Accessorise with dewy skin, a discreet pinky lip-gloss and swingy Chloe (or Charlie), campaign hair.'

Lovely stuff.

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