Smart girl's guide to your perfect pair of ankle snow boots

A few years ago, a little Australian brand named UGG became a global household name and their range of sheepskin Ankle Snow Boots became a must have item for the fashion followers wardrobe. The phenomenal rise in demand for UGG boots was spawned by a number of celebrities being papped wearing the boots around Hollywood, teaming them with anything from jeans, leggings, or even sun dresses.

Authentic Ugg boots are made of sheepskin and are fur lined to keep you extra warm, however they do not come cheap, with the classic ankle snow boots design pairs coming in at around £185 for ladies. Ugg have grown their range of boots to encompass a number of styles and their full collection can be seen by visiting their official site http://www.uggaustralia.com So we know these lovely snug ankle snow boots don’t come cheap, but fear not, there are a number of discount websites that offer genuine UGG boots out of current season range for affordable prices! One such site is www.uggclearance2011.com that sells UGG brand boots from as little as £68.

So if you are after a warm pair of ankle snow boots this winter and fancy a pair that are fashionable as well as practical, don’t discount UGG boots as being out of your price range, and why not check out www.ebay.com too, there are always bargains waiting to be had there. Now if UGG boots are not your style there are plenty of other ankle snow boots on the market that will keep your toes warm and dry in the harsh winter conditions. For those who actually spend a lot of time in the snow or harsh winter conditions and need a more practical boot there are other options that will suit your needs better, why not check out your local countrywide store or alternatively try the retailer Joules, who also have a great boot range also.

Finally for those who are more fashion conscious than anything else and who want a pair of ankle boots this cold season that are bang on trend, wedge boots are the way forward for Winter 2011! I have found a fantastic pair of Surface to Air ankle snow boots with a wedge, they do however come with a price tag of £295 but these gorgeous pair are certainly worth the cost. The boots are leather with a round toe, wedge heel and feature a contrasting suede panel at the back. Surface to Air are a great company that are innovative with their design and ability to recreate simple traditional styles in to modern pieces. If you have the money to spend, be sure to check out these great boots which are available on ASOS.

There you have it then, your guide to picking the perfect pair of ankle snow boots for you, whether you are looking for practicality over fashion or visa versa there is plenty of great options available.

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