Small Black Hair Pins: Places to Buy them Online

Small black hair pins are probably some of the most useful hair styling tools, but it's also the last thing we tend to think about. If you're fresh out, you have the option of shopping online for it, and you may be amazed at the number of online shops that stock hair pins.

Glitz4girlz.com stocks black hair pins, along with other accessories and fashion items. A pack of 36 4.5cm hair pins sells for approximately £2.60, but if you're in the shopping mood you can qualify for free shipping anywhere in the UK if you spend over £15. Try visiting the site  to have a look at the range it has available.

Amazon.co.uk also stocks black hair pins in all sizes, and a pack sells for £1.09 through its affiliate clockworkpharmacy.com.  New customers can receive 5% off their first order if they register for a new account,so what a great incentive to shop online.

Boots.com is one of the High Street retailers that has expanded into cyberspace, and now you're able to order any of its products online.  A pack of Goody ColourCollection mini bobby pins retails for £1.49, and you can qualify for free shipping by spending £40 or more.  These small black hair pins have a stylish metallic finish, and are available in a lighter shade especially for brunettes.

With all the internet retailers stocking small black hair pins, there's really no reason to turn on your computer and indulge in a little online retail therapy.  With all the great products, low prices and special offers, it's not only economical but exciting as well.

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