Skinny feels good....

Oops, Kate Moss has let slip a dirty little fashion secret: being skinny pays. When asked by fashion website WWD what her modelling mottos are, Kate replied: ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.' She added, generously, 'You try and remember, but it never works.'

Moss has been battered by the media: anti cult-Size-Zero campaigners say her careless chatter is a rag to a bull for anorexics. Lingerie model Katie Green said: 'There are 1.1million eating disorders in the UK alone. Kate Moss's comments are likely to cause many more.'

Denise Van Outen also pitched in: 'Kate Moss is talking out of her size zero arse. She knows the impact her comment will have on vulnerable young women. After I have my baby, I'll lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. The sensible way.' (Erm, what about not losing weight at all Denise?)

In fact when was the last time Denise Van Outen or any other female presenter appeared on telly with a roll of fat out of place? And what about catwalk models? Do they chow down on a fry-up before taking to the runway?

Kate's comment wasn't the most media savvy quip we've ever heard, but it shouldn't be taken out of the context of the size zero industry she works in. Time for fashion bosses to finally address the size issue?

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