Where to find skiing clothing that's cheap

While most places sell ski wear for a premium, there are some stores and sites that stock them for a significant discount, and while in a few cases the clothes are of lower quality, most of the time it's brand name items, meaning that with a bit of shopping around you can get the same high quality ski gear for a fraction of the price, and with all the other costs that go into skiing that's a very welcome discount.

Skiwear4less.com is one site that sells skiing clothing that's cheap. They have three ranges- 'budget', 'mid range' and 'luxury and technical', and all of them feature discounted prices, so while the 'luxury and technical' range is top end ski clothing, the prices are dramatically lower than what you would pay in most other places. While the 'budget' range only has fairly basic stuff, but much of it is still brand name, it's all functional and in many cases it can be bought for next to nothing, with for example budget ski trousers starting at £19.99.

Outdoorgear4u.co.uk has similarly low prices, with discounts of over 50% on many items and a wide selection of clothing to choose from. They don't split the clothes into price ranges like skiwear4less.com does, and for the most part they don't have as much high end, premium clothing either, but it's still all good quality, brand name gear.

For the very biggest savings though check out mountainwarehouse.com, their selection is relatively small, but many of their ski clothes have discounts of 70% or more.

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