Ski Wear Sales In UK: Useful Tips

Ski wear sales in UK apply to all ski wear types. You can get good prices for jackets, pants, and ski suits no matter if they are for kids, women or men. The best prices will definitely be in the summer time. You can go to online stores or you can choose to buy directly from the ski wear shops in your city.

Ski Wear: Brands in UK

The brands for ski wear are classified in three categories: budget ski wear, mid range ski wear, and the luxury-plus technical ski wear.

  • The Budget Ski Wear Brands: Dare2B, Five Seasons, BigAir, and Tresspass.
  • The Mid Range Ski Wear Brands: Columbia, Surfanic, White Rock, ICE, Luhta, Helly Hansen
  • The Technical and Luxury Ski Wear: Descente, Eider, West Beach, Spyder, Norrona, Peak Performance

Ski Wear: Companies and Websites

Many companies in UK carry out ski ware sales. The summer clearance sales are a great opportunity to pay a lot less for your favourite women’s jacket or Millets ski wear. Some companies offer 2 items for the price of one, others offer huge discounts (30-50%). The companies that offer sales are, The Ski and Outdoor Warehouse Ltd, Trekwear Limited, Snow and Rock, OutdoorGear4You, Ellis Birmingham, etc.

Ski Wear: Websites and Prices

All companies have online stores that offer the best opportunities for ski wear sales. These are just a few examples to help you get an idea of what ski wear sales are all about:

  • Skiwear4less.com - Women and Men Jackets: £45 to £225; women and men pants: £20to £80
  • Ellis-Birmingham.com - Women Jackets: £76 to £210 (Burton, ArcTeryx, Eider, HH). These prices are 50% off; women pants: £45 to £155 (Norrona, Orage, Roxy, Burton, also 50% off)
  • Simplypiste.com - Women Ski Jackets: £80 to £550 (Animal, Peak Performance, O Neill, Salomon)

You can find fantastic prices for everyone in the family at these sales. Ski wear sales in UK start popping up during the summer months and close to the beginning of school.

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