A guide to ski wear from North Face

North Face both make and sell ski wear, along with hiking, running and climbing gear. They have their own online shop at uk.thenorthface.com, which stocks their latest range and offers free delivery on all orders, but they also supply other shops with their clothes.

They are primarily concerned with function over form, in other words the latest ranges of ski wear from North Face will do a great job of keeping you warm and dry and are packed with innovative and useful features such as venting systems for enhanced airflow, but they won't necessarily look as stylish as some other brands. However, many of their jackets are body mapped, which again is done for functional reasons, but also means that they are slim and form fitting, thereby avoiding the ugly bulkiness that some ski jackets have.

Ski wear by North Face covers everything from jackets and trousers to hats, gloves, socks, tights and shirts, all designed with snow sports in mind. Although you can buy all of these from North Face's own website, it often works out cheaper to buy from other retailers, with both specialist ski retailers like Snow and Rock, and more general shops like amazon.co.uk often selling them at discounted prices, particularly if you don't mind wearing something from last year's range.

Prices are extremely varied depending on what you buy and where from, but for a good jacket by North Face prices will likely be in excess of £150, and for trousers it's likely to be at least £100.

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