Where to get ski wear for hire in Bristol

If you are planning to for a ski holiday, you do not necessarily have to buy your own skiing or snow clothing; thanks to ski renting businesses. With these stores, you can hire skiing equipment for a specified number of days at a reasonable fee.

Below are a number of walk-in and online stores in Bristol where you can hire skiing and snowboarding clothing. Although there are not numerous renting stores in Bristol, it cannot take you long to get one.

Ski & Skate-ski wear for hire in Bristol

This is a store located in 104 High Street, Bristol. They have all ski equipment for hire. In addition to hiring, they also have ski and skating accessories for sale. Their hiring prices are very attractive and affordable. They also have extreme skiing and snowboarding tutors and specialists. You can call them at 01179574109 for more details.

Attwoolls Manufacturing ski wear hire

This is one of the biggest ski stores in Gloucester. Their hiring equipment includes clothing, poles, and boots. They hire out big brand names like Trespass, Helly Hanson, Animal and many more.  Their walk-in store is in Whitminster, Gloucester. In addition to equipment, they also have specialist ski services which skiing starters can hire for guidance.

SkiToRent ski gear hire

These have great discounts when you hire their ski equipment. They offer free ski gear to kids whose parents hire skiing equipment from them. You can book an order on their website by specifying your location, preferred accommodation resort and number of rental days, they will then send you the goods.

Blizzard Kids Skiwear Hire

This store exclusively keeps kids ski wear for hire. Any skiing gear for use by children can be rented at their store. You can reach them at 01275472854 or go to their local store at Greenditch Far, Dundry lane in Bristol.

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