Are you looking to buy ski wear for less?

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If you are planning a skiing trip this year then the one thing that you should never scrimp on is a decent jacket: even if you are not going away to ski this year, then with the winters we have had in recent years you could be forgiven for wanting to invest in a ski jacket to keep warm in this country. Ski jackets do not have to be expensive and in fact it is easy to find fashionable good quality ski wear for less.

Clothing and in particular, ski jackets are less bulky and lighter in weight with thoughtful extras such as an elastic underskirt and cuffs to stop snow getting in, pullcords on zippers to make them easier to open and pockets specifically for your lip salve or ski pass.

Many of the big outdoor ski and surf companies stock beautiful jackets and trousers: take a look at O’Neill, Quiksilver and North Face. Not only do their jackets offer windproofing and waterproofing as well as being uber-warm, but they are also items that you would not be ashamed to be seen in and can make a fashion statement on or off piste.

Many of the High Street shops also stock their own brand of ski wear for a fraction of the price of top brands. Try Next or John Lewis for decent quality ski wear items for less. Be aware however that if you want the best quality in skiwear you should expect to pay a higher price.

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