Kit them out for the slopes with ski wear for children

Some of the ski runs this winter are going to resemble kindergartens. Kids are learning to ski at younger and younger ages. To ensure they keep coming back, you need to find the right selection of ski wear for children.

Little Skiers (littleskiers.co.uk) is a great online resource for children's ski and mountain outfits. They have ski wear for babies up to 10 year-olds and a Teen Skiers range for bigger kids.

You can find everything from jackets to accessories here, with top brand names and budget alternatives. A Dare2b Snow Monkey ski suit for 2 year-olds up to 6 year-olds is a great, well-padded, all-in-one suit with built in snow gaiters. They are currently marked down from £60 to £39.99, in peach or black shades.

Born 2 Be Cool (born2becool.com) is a family-run online retailer with a wide range of ski and snow wear for kids. The Girls Neon Peach Ski Suit is a one piece waterproof breathable ski suit with a concealed hood. and a full-length studded and velcro storm baffle. It will keep out the snow and look equally good on the walk to school. These are £55.

Raindrops (www.raindrops.co.uk) sell outdoor clothing from Scandinavia, where they know all about snow.Their range of ski wear for children includes winter jackets, trousers, ski suits and snowsuits. Their Junior Snowsuit is a well-insulated and hard-wearing outfit designed to withstand a chill factor of -15. Even with the extreme winters we've had lately, that should be sufficient to keep children warm. They are priced from £62.

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