Save money on ski wear in Edinburgh with our great suggestions

It's hardly surprising that Scotland, as the norternmost part of the United Kingdom, is well acquainted with the kind of extreme weather during the winter that the majority of the country can only imagine. Whether it's plunging temperatures or sweeping snow storms, the Scottish people are more than capable of dealing with whatever it is that nature decides she'd like to throw at them.

However, unless you know where to buy good quality ski wear in Edinburgh then you're going to be fighting a losing battle to stay warm when the winter rolls around this year... especially if things are as chilly as they were for the past couple of winters!

Fortunately, we are able to tell you exactly where you need to go to not only save you time, but to also save you a little bit of your hard earned cash into the bargain.

Your first option is Tiso, which can be found at 123-125 Rose Street Precinct, Edinburty, EH2 3DT. Tiso has literally everything you could possibly want from a ski wear store in Edinburgh, from brands including Rab, Montane, Mammut, The North Face, Scarpa and Merrell to name but a few! Prices are as low as you'll find anywhere, and the selection is second to none.

If you'd like an alternative just in case Tiso doesn't have what you're looking for in stock, then we suggest Snowlines. Found at 14-17 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgy, EH10 4HN, this store doesn't quite have the same amount of variety when it comes to ski wear, but when they do get stock in the prices are excellent - at least on a par with those found at Tiso, so it's worth checking out!

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