Finding a ski shop

Before hitting the slopes, it's essential that you've got some quality ski wear to keep you warm, dry and protected, and if you find a good ski shop then you'll be able to do all of that while looking stylish in the process.

Snow and Rock is one of the biggest bricks and mortar ski shop chains in the UK. They stock skiing and snowboarding clothes and equipment, mountain bikes and rock climbing gear, and their staff are well trained and able to offer valuable advice on what to buy. In terms of actual ski wear they sell jackets, trousers, t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies, as well as accessories like sunglasses, goggles, gloves and hats. For the most part it is all brand name gear, but they stock a variety of different brands at different price points, and being brand name they tend to be stylish and you can generally trust that they'll be of good quality and actually suitable for hurling yourself down a mountain in. Snow and Rock have branches all over the country as well as an online store. To shop online or find your nearest branch check out snowandrock.com.

For slightly cheaper ski wear take a look at sailandski.co.uk. They specialise in ski and surf clothes and have a huge selection, and they also regularly have sales on netting you huge discounts. As with Snow and Rock most of their clothing is brand name, and most of the brands have a long history of making ski and snowboard wear, so it's likely to be well designed.

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